CPS Renews PPM Contract With USAF

13th September 2023

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CPS CEO, Liam Connelly, proudly signing the renewal contract for the Planned Preventative Maintenance for the United States Air Force. CPS has been working with USAF since 2019 and the renewal of this contract underlines CPS’ excellence in this sector.

The contract extension furthers CPS’ strong defence offering for the United States Air Force in the region. The mission-critical protection CPS offers ensures that military activities continue to run smoothly.

CPS CEO Liam Connelly proudly said “The signing of this contract extension reaffirms CPS’ ongoing commitment to the defence sector. We remain not only proud of the work we do for the United States Air Force but immensely privileged to be able to provide services which protect our livelihoods each day”

The contract ensures at all times CPS engineers are on hand to deal with any calls out or failures in the installations. CPS keep a stock of spares ensuring the facility remains working in the event of a common failure. If there is a plant major failure CPS has agreements in place with local critical suppliers to replace items such as pumps, fans, valves, and lights, within a set period of time depending on the criticality of the item and what implication this has to the working of the facility.

From the contract’s initial award in 2019, CPS has consistently achieved and actually bettered the required target for KPI performance across the scheme. This is not just limited to the planned preventative maintenance but also the reactive maintenance across the sites.

CPS’ full-time site management team and rotating crews of specialist engineers make sure the facilities are well maintained and not being dealt with in a reactive fashion. From regular catch-ups and strategic meetings with our management on site and the USAF management we are able to foresee and forecast when critical equipment is starting to show signs of failure. This identifies the need for potential replacement as opposed to ineffective cost spending maintaining something which is towards its end of life.

We look forward to continuing this strong bond with the United States Air Force for years to come.