With one of the fastest-growing regional economies in the UK, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area is an exciting and increasingly popular place to do business. A significant proportion of that growth has taken place within the industrial sector, which has afforded CPS a unique opportunity to help develop and expand some of the country’s leading industrial sites.

Our experience is very varied in this sector, and based predominantly on working on a direct basis with the Clients involved. We provided large-scale pipework for Johnson Matthey’s state-of-the-art research and development facilities in Royston. We carried out a full pipework services refurbishment at Brioche Pasquier’s 160,000 sq ft bakery in Milton Keynes.

We have also worked extensively with leading agricultural company Syngenta and specialist insect breeders Monkfield Nutrition. With a proven track record in specialist installations such as steam and compressed air systems, our Technicians are comfortable working within highly specialised industrial and factory environments.