Wisbech Hospital

Sector: Healthcare
Project Type: Mechanical Services
  • Our works at North Cambridge Hospital, Wisbech comprised of replacing 3no existing natural gas boilers for 3no Vaillant Ecotec 120kw natural gas boilers. These boilers were offered additional protection by the installation of 1no Vaillant 360kw plate heat exchanger. The boilers were installed in a cascade arrangement and incorporate a reverse return piping installation. A new low-loss header has been installed to allow for hydraulically separate connections of 4no pumped primary circuits. 2no variable and 2no constant temperature.
  •  The LTHW system was also converted from an open vent system to a pressurised system by incorporating new pressurisation units and expansion vessels on the primary and secondary circuits.
  • 2no existing gas-fired hot water heaters were replaced with 2no Andrews Ecoflo 380/1400 direct gas-fired hot water cylinders.
  • A new flue and chimney system was designed and installed to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions for both the new hot water cylinders and boilers.
  • A new fire safety circuit was installed which consisted of a new automatic gas solenoid shut-off valve, Electro thermal links above all boilers and hot water cylinders, a gas sensor placed centrally within the plant room and a gas safety panel complete with an emergency knock-off button. The gas solenoid valve is linked to the fire alarm system.
  • A new control panel is installed complete with the BMS TREND interface.
  • Within the ‘Parkside’ area of the hospital, 3no secondary heating pumps have been replaced with new Grundfos pumps (Magna 3D 40-80F). 2no serve the variable temperature circuits (radiators) and 1no serves the constant temperature circuits (MVHRs and FCUs).
  • 4no existing fan convectors have been replaced with 4no Stelrad radiators complete with lock shield valves and thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Within the ‘Peckover’ area of the hospital, 6no existing motorized valves associated with pumped heating circuits have been replaced with new valve bodies and actuator heads.