Shared Facilities Hub

Sector: Education
Project Type: Electrical Services

CPS Building Services partnering with Bouygues Construction undertook the entire M&E installation at the Shared Facilities Hub at the West Cambridge Campus for the University of Cambridge. The £1.5m mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation is now the flagship collaboration building for the University on the West Cambridge campus.

The building comprises of a wide mixed-use facility with a ground floor restaurant, bar, and shop. The ground floor is focussed on collaboration and open spaces for shared knowledge and break out for the overall West Cambridge campus, first floor houses open plan working spaces, and the second floor accommodates large lecture theatres for up to 200 people. Specific to the M&E in the building the primary source of heating and cooling is a ground source heat pump installation which feeds a hybrid VRF. There is a large focus n energy efficiency in the building achieving a BREAAM excellent score for efficient use of energy and resources.

There is a commercial kitchen, large bar, and a ground floor shop, all fed by the hybrid VRF system providing cooling and heating to the facility. Lighting is intelligent with presence and absence detection to maximise electrical energy efficiency within the spaces. All the domestic water services are fed from PIR operated solenoid valves which shut off in the event the building is not occupied. The entire building is fed from a network of air handling unit plant on the roof which provides fresh air into the spaces. Each space has it’s own theme and the services match this theme with large open plan exposed services on a concrete soffit and structure.

The entire installation was designed and managed in a BIM model, owned by Bouygues Construction, and updated with all elements of the building fabric included ensuring the client has been left with complete detail on the installation provided both architecturally and from an M&E Services perspective.

As a building it is now widely used and has received high praise from both the students within the university and the visiting guests who use its state-of-the-art facilities. It’s a facility CPS are immensely proud of when the University hold meetings there for our other numerous projects we undertake for our highly regarded client