Lerner Court, Clare College

Sector: Education
Project Type: Renewables

Clare College embarked on a strategic initiative to modernise their heating infrastructure and reduce environmental impact. Initially, it was believed that the comprehensive scope of the project could not be completed within the tight four-week deadline. However, CPS managed to defy expectations and successfully delivered the project on time.

The project focused on two main areas - upgrading the primary heating system and revamping the hot water system. The primary heating upgrade involved removing one existing boiler, reconfiguring the remaining two as backups, and installing five new air source heat pumps (ASHPs) as the primary heat source. These were connected to a newly installed 1500-litre buffer vessel, equipped with primary pumps, pressurisation unit, and side-stream filtration, to complete the new primary circuit.

In addition, the hot water system was similarly transformed. It now features two ASHPs that feed into a new 550-litre hot water storage cylinder, with backup immersion heaters for additional reliability. New hot water recirculation pumps were installed, and the system was seamlessly integrated into the existing distribution network, creating a standalone hot water system.

To manage the upgraded systems effectively, CPS carried out alterations to the Building Management System (BMS) within the existing control panel located in the plant room. Additionally, new electrical supplies were required to power the new equipment. These were sourced from a newly installed distribution board within the plant room, with the new supplies distributed safely via containment.

CPS’s comprehensive management and execution skills ensured the project met its goals with the highest quality standards. CPS takes pride in significantly advancing Clare College's sustainability objectives through this successful heating decarbonisation scheme.