Monkfield Nutrition

Sector: Industrial
Project Type: Mechanical Services

This was a fascinating and interesting project to be involved with. Monkfield Nutrition is the leading breeder and supplier of insects in the marketplace. They purpose-built a new insect breeding facility which required specialist Mechanical services. Ventilation, and temperature were paramount to the success of this new breeding facility. Working closely with Sharman and Grimwade the design consultant on the project, a combination of radiant and convection heating supplemented by a ventilation system capable of simultaneously heating and cooling different room spaces, depending on the type of insect was developed.

To keep the project finish date on track a prefabricated packaged plant room was provided, this included a combination of biomass and oil-fired heating plant, invertor-driven pumps, buffer vessel and a fully monitored control system. With this being a specialist project the commissioning period was extensive and involved fine-tuning the controls to over 100 different rooms.