Sector: Industrial
Project Type: Electrical Services

CPS Building Services partnering with SDC undertook the entire Refurbishment of the M&E installation at ARM1 in Cambridge. The £1.35m mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation is part of a series of projects CPS has delivered for SDC and our overall client, ARM.

The building comprises of a mixture of offices, meeting areas and social spaces with a multitude of building services including fresh air plant, VRF cooling and heating, power, data and AV installations.

The project was awarded to CPS as a complete design and build project taking a concept design and working up with the architect a modern, vibrant and open place to work of which the client was most impressed.  

Given the specific layout of the building consequential improvements were needed to add additional designated fire exit routes out of the building. This was an onerous task and took several visits from our fire specialist and building control to sign it off.

Specific to the ARM installations are a highly intelligent asset tracking lighting system which not only is daylight linked and absence detected, it tracks specific assets in and around the building. The information is then fed back and reviewed at the end of the year so the client can ascertain if certain rooms / areas / meeting rooms are used more than others. This way the client knows what to strengthen in their future buildings. On completion the project underwent a rigorous testing and commissioning process which ARM were party to the sign off ensuring their staff could move in and work from day one upon taking occupancy.