9 Colmore Row – Cold Water Tank Replacement

Sector: Residential
Project Type: Mechanical Services

The existing cold water storage tank was heavily corroded which meant it was replaced with a newly specified cold water storage tank.

The new cold water storage tank is a GRP hot press moulded sectional tank with an externally flanged base manufactured to BS EN 13280:2001.

There is 1 division panel parallel to the length so that one side of the tank can be kept in operation during servicing of the tank.

Compartment 1 (LxWxH): 2500mm x 2000mm x 1500mm (Nominal capacity: 7,500 litres)

Compartment 2 (LxWxH): 2500mm x 2000mm x 1500mm (Nominal capacity: 7,500 litres)

The tank is pre-insulated and encapsulated with 40mm polystyrene (0.6W/m2K)

The tank is fixed with grade 316 stainless steel bolt fasteners internally and GMS externally.

Each tank section is installed complete with the following ancillaries:

  • Float valve chamber (1m x 1m x 400mm high clipped float valve chamber)
  • Inlet (1 inch BSP Aylesbury KAX type float valve- A/KAX25)
  • Manways (Clipped lid 1 x 1m cover access panel)
  • Outlets (2 inch male connections)
  • Overflow (2 inch screened fitting)
  • Vent (2 inch screened air vent tank connector- type ZWLFBR)
  • Warning pipe (1 inch pushfit screened fitting- type R30E)
  • Base levelling steels (100x50x5mm galvanised kit)
  • Flat roof panels
  • Internal ladder (1265mm internal 5 rung ladder)
  • The tank has 1no external ladder

Following installation of the new cold water storage tank, new copper pressfit pipe and fittings have been installed to serve the existing hot water calorifiers and the cold water service supplying the building.

Isolation valves and draincocks have been installed so that each tank compartment can be isolated individually.

The new tank and pipework has been chlorinated/disinfected.

All new pipework has been insulated with 20mm thick foil faced phenolic section complete with stucco aluminium clad and identification.