Hobson Laboratory

Sector: Life Sciences
Project Type: Electrical Services

CPS was appointed for our 5th Project with the Illumina facility at Granta Park, Cambridge. The Hobson Laboratory was a bespoke Installation required for specific research within the facility. The project was designed by Ingleton Wood in Cambridge who was responsible for the entire design Including architectural packages within the facility. As with all life sciences projects the laboratory was required for urgent research which can now take place within the facility. 

The mechanical and electrical services within the facility on this project were complex. Following consultation within the facility, Illumina has ascertained that the building needs more laboratory space and less office space with people working from home proving more successful. The bespoke Labs consist of a network of fume cupboards served from a dedicated supply AHU for the system. Each fume cupboard is fed from a controlled Phoenix Valve arrangement which links back to the main BMS. The ventilation installation works on a pressure cascade ensuring the laboratories remain under a negative pressure condition at all times from the clean corridor. 

New gases were installed from the site-wide existing system to serve the experiments and research being carried out within the facilities. The areas are also served by CAT5 water and drainage.

Electrical services within the Hobson Facility consist of new CAT6 data & power which serves both the research benches and the new fume cupboard installations.

Given the facility is live 24 / 7 with ongoing experiments the services connected need to be planned with a multitude of stakeholders ensuring the installation remains fully operative at all times.

The labs are commissioned and witnessed by all parties and handed over, clean, commissioned, fail-safe tested and fit for science to commence.