Data Centre 1

Sector: Data Centres
Project Type: Mechanical Services

The Data hall worked in is a part of the large data network in the Hertfordshire area. The building worked in is an upcoming business and technology park located at the place widely recognised as the birthplace of fibre optic networking for the world.

The first facility on campus, “Building 1” offers in excess of 8.7MW of power capacity across four data halls which will be used for the vast increase in “cloud-based” technologies adopted by many data handling clients. The importance of reliability in the data halls is paramount ensuring buildings function and have resilience in the event of a failure. The client is therefore able to let out the data halls to external clients with confidence knowing their data is safe and the building protected in the event of any sort of failure on the primary systems.

Specific to CPS’ works the project consisted of installing ABS pipework to the reverse osmosis water system which served the cooling installations within the facilities. The installations were installed in ABS pipework selected given the environment in which the pipework services are being installed.

CPS also undertook all the hot/cold water services for the project together with supplying and installing the sanitaryware.

Given the sensitive nature of the project, basic pressure testing and our overall commissioning on our systems were managed by the client team commissioning management company. All tests were internally conducted prior to being offered out to the wider stakeholders for a formal sign-off. The CPS project management team received praise for our adoption of the procedures and requirements of the commissioning team. The project, which was a first for CPS, was completed successfully with a view to future works with both the client and on the data centre park itself.